10 Tips for online safety

When you are connected to the Internet you can get in touch with people from all over the world. People that live in amazing places beyond your imagination or maybe just around the corner in your own neighborhood. This is what makes the Internet such a wonderful thing. Unfortunately, there are some people that log on and pretend to be someone that they are not, and this can turn all the fun into a dangerous experience. For this reason we want you to read and apply these 10 easy Tips that we give you in order for you to have a safety and enjoyable online experience.

1. Never use your real name in your user name.

Can you think of a very creative user name? We challenge you to do it! While you are online, people that you don’t know can find out a lot of information about you. For this reason is better no to include personal information in your user name. Look at these crazy ideas! You can use the name of your pet, or maybe the name of your favorite team player. There are too many options to choose from, show us how creative you can be!

2. Do not reveal any personal information while you are online.

What is personal information? It is all the information about you that can enable a stranger to identify you or even find you. When you are chatting online is like talking with strangers but with one difference, you cannot see their faces! For this reason we recommend you to NEVER EVER give information about where you live, what is your phone number, how old you are or what your name is, while you are online. Also it is important that you never share information such as the name of your school, your sport team, account numbers, social security number, credit cards numbers, and that you protect all people you know. Do not post anyone else’s information. Remember that all this information is a secret, and we want you to keep it!

3. Your secret password is secret! That means that it is only yours.

Do you have a secret place for your personal stuff? We are sure you do. When you give to someone else your secret password is like giving the key or showing the location of your secret place to that person. Every person that knows your secret password is one more person that is going to see all your personal stuff online¿ so better keep it to yourself!

4. Read the Privacy Policy & Terms of Use of the Web Sites.

We know that you don’t like reading rules, but it is really important that you do it, and we are going to tell you why. There are some Web Sites that only allow registered users to read posts, chats or see other user’s webpage’s. There are some others that allow everybody to see whatever they want to see. No matter what kind of Site your favorite Site is, the important thing is that you read the rules of the Site and try to find out if there is any way to protect your information. You can read these rules by yourself if you want or maybe with your parent for better understanding. The important thing is that you must be able to choose the people you want to see your personal stuff.

5. Do not share your stuff online if you don’t want anyone seeing it.

When your post your stuff online you are authorizing millions or maybe trillions of people to see it. Can you believe that? Keep in mind that everybody uses Internet, including your grandparents and that naughty person that you don’t like (you know who!). For this reason if you want your private stuff and secrets to remain a secret, don’t post them online.

6. When you post something online, there is not going back!

Do you have good memory? Because The Web has very good memory. This means that even though you are able to delete sometimes something that you posted or uploaded online, people can get an older version of that Site where your stuff are still posted or uploaded. For this reason is better to think twice every time that you are wondering whether to post something or not. We hope you choose not to.

7. If you are not an adult, please keep your photos away from the Web.

People can know exactly who you are just glancing at your photo. Remember that you have a secret identity so we cannot let them know how you look like or who you are. Even worst could be fact if somebody change your picture or send it to someone else that you don’t know or to another webpage without noticing you. That can bring you troubles! And we know that you don’t like troubles.

8. Don not download files you are not sure of.

The Web is full of viruses that can damage your computer, change your applications and preferences, and even send emails from your email account to people that you don’t know. We recommend you to set the warning system on your computer which will alert you about untrusted files before open them or download them. If you don’t know who is the sender of the file you better not open it.

9. Your online friends most stay online.

Internet is the perfect tool to make a lot of nice friends. However there are some people that can bring you problems or make you go through uncomfortable situations. For this reason is better to keep all your online friends online. In the event that one of them wants to meet you face to face, you most tell an adult. If you finally decide that you want to meet your online friend in person, please go with your parent or another adult you trust but never alone.

We are almost done..

… 10. If you don’t feel safe go tell an adult!

If you are bothered by someone or by something online and that makes you feel uncomfortable, please tell an adult! he or she can help you to report the incident to the website or to the police if it is necessary. Also keep in mind that with just one click you can get offline and far away from all things that bother you online. Taking actions is the only way to stop this kind of situations and to help others.

You can also contact us. We are here to ensure your safety. If you see some strange behavior please let us know at motionKIDS-TV[at]motionpic.com

Now go and enjoy our Web Site!

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