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Vamos a jugar con los niños a adivinar. Divertidas adivinanzas para yudar a los niños a pensar sobre las cosas y estimular su capacidad de deducción

Animals riddles

 adivinanza-perro-riddle-dogcaricaturas dibujitos comiquitas boom reds perro
Watch dog riddle video
I have four legs.
I’m very smart and I like to play.
I like to smell things.
I can wag my tail.
I am a…
I have four legs.
I am a pet.
I hate cats.
I bark.
I am a

adivinanza-gato-riddle-cat boom-reds-video-dibujos-animados-caricaturas-adivinanza-gato
Watch cat riddle video
I’m a soft and furry pet.
I have four legs and a long tail.
I have sharp teeth and claws.
I like to chase mice.
I am a…

 adivinanza-serpiente-riddle-snackecaricaturas dibujitos comiquitas boom reds serpiente
Watch snacke riddle video

I can hiss
I don’t have any legs
I am long
I have a forked tongue
I am a…

 adivinanza-pato-riddle-duckcaricaturas dibujitos comiquitas boom reds pato
Watch duck riddle video

I am an animal with feathers
and lots of people like to eat me,
which I don’t like!
What am I?
I can swim and dive.
I have two legs.
I have wings.
I quack.
I am a

adivinanza-tortuga-riddle-turtlecaricaturas dibujitos comiquitas boom reds tortuga
Watch turtlet riddle video

I have four legs and a tail.
I have no teeth.
I can swim and dive underwater.
I carry my house around with me.
I am a…
I’ve never run in my life.
And I stay in my house and never leave it

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