Christmas trees crafts, christmas decoration for kids, DIY.

There are many creative ways to make your own Christmas tree and decorate your home for holidays, we have made a small selection of the best Christmas trees that you can easily do with the children. Easy Crafts and activities for kids to decorate the house for Christmas.

Paper Christmas trees

arbol de navidad con rollos de papel de regaloChristmas tree made with rolls of wrapping paper Arbol 3d con papel, manualidad infantilChristmas tree 3D craft with colored paper
Arbol de navidad con tiras de papel para hacer con niños
Beautiful tree with strips of colored paper

Arbol de navidad con servilletas de papel

Christmas tree with Christmas paper
napkins or paper decoration

Arbol de Navidad con platos de papel de cumpleaños arbol navidad creado con trozos de cartón de colores
Christmas trees made  cutting circles of colored paper or cardboard and mounting them on a stick. You can also use disposable cardboard dishes

Christmas tree with recycled things

Teach children that things can be reused and can do many crafts with recycled component

arbol navidad reciclaje con papel de epriodico
Christmas Tree with newspaper rolled
and gold painted
arbol navidades reciclado con hueveras
Crafts of Christmas tree with egg cartons
Arbol de navidad con tapones de corcho de vino

Christmas tree with painted wine corks

arbol navidad original con libros

Funny Christmas tree stacking old books

Christmas tree with sticks

Arbol navidad decoración navideña pared Arbol de navidad recoger alos

Other funny Christmas trees

 Arbol de navidad con luces, decoración niños navidadChristmas tree decoration with Christmas
lights on the wall
Arbol hecho a mano con obejtos decorativos
Crafts of Christmas tree with
decorative elements

Arbol con bolitas de tela o fieltro, pompones

 Christmas tree with colored felt balls

arbol navideño con fieltroChristmas tree with leaves made ​​of felt

Arbol de navidad pintado con las manosChristmas Tree hand painted with children

We hope all these ideas for Christmas crafts have inspired you and you’ll make with children some very nice trees.

And above all, Merry Christmas and enjoy every moment!

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