Carnival costumes Kit: glasses, mustaches, crowns and masks!

Carnival is a holiday that children love, with their costumes, parades and street parties. So, let’s dress up!

The carnival is celebrated every year on different dates because they depend on Lent, but it’s usually in February and March.

The parade most popular is the Carnival of Rio de Janeiro, but sure carnival is also celebrated in the children’s school or in the street with friends, Create your own costume!

The most fun is to prepare carnival costumes with children.

Here we present simple ideas of fancy dress accessories, an easy craft to do it yourself.


1. Download customes accesories files

2. Print the pages, and paste on cardboard to have more consistency.

3. Cut out the silhouettes.

4. Paste with scotch, in the rear part a straw or some object that we can serve to hold the mask. We can also buy rubber bands or bow and cut holes in the ends, so we can tie it behind the head


You can use these accesories to any birthday party and make a photocall to take fun photos to the guests!

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