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Manualidad muñeco de nieve, actividades. Snowman paper craft, activities kids

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Snowman craft

Decorate your home at Christmas with kids, have fun making original Christmas ornaments with Childrens, easy crafts for your Christmas tree ornaments.

A lot of ideas for Christmas crafts, DIY easy, simple, cheap and fun. Making Christmas crafts with children.

Paper Christmas Ornaments

Simple Ideas for Christmas ornaments with paper. Paper crafts for kids to decorate the house at Christmas

A heart Cristhmas ornament with patterned papersadorno-navidad-papel-manualidades
Simple wreaths with colored paperEstrella_de_navidad_con_carton_y_papel_1
Cardboard star with roll of toilet paper. Cut it into strips and paste them. You can paint it or put glitter on to make them more beautifulEstrella_de_navidad_con_carton_y_papel_2
Stars of cardboard. Cut two stars and assemble them by the middle to make it three-dimensional
Use the cup cakes papers to create colorful Christmas trees and decorate the house with childrenadornos-de-navidad-de-papel
Make paper cones and merge them together with string. Funny Christmas trees to make with the kids.

arbol-navidad-papel-manualidadesA easy Christmas tree paper

Christmas ornaments with threads or rope

Easy christmas crafts for kids, ornaments with string and thread. Create beautiful Christmas balls and tree ornaments



Make a paper cone and rolled up it with wire or rope dipped in glue.  Takes off the cone carefully when it has dried . We have a beautiful Christmas tree!


Inflate a balloon and encircle it with a rope dipped in glue.
Prick the balloon when the rope has dried.


Create a star with popsicle sticks, roll it up with a colorful thread

Christmas ornaments made of pasta

Ornaments for Christmas Tree made with macaroni and different types of pasta glued together.

To give a nicer finish touch you can varnish or paint them later!



Christmas ornament with buttons:

Use the buttons to make original ornaments for the Christmas tree. You can glue them or join them with thread.



Christmas Decorations with puzzle pieces

Crafts with pieces of puzzle, reuses puzzles and make Christmas ornaments with their parts.

Paint them in any color and glue them creatng Christmas the figures: a snowflake, a Christmas tree, a christmas cane ….



Make Christmas ornaments with fabric

Easy christmas trees to use like a ornaments on the Christmas tree. Use pieces of fabric you have at home to do these nice ornaments with children




Christmas ornaments with jelly baby


Christmas decorations with pine cones


Christmas ornaments with bottle caps


Christmas ornaments with corks


… and more activities with kids in Christmas

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