Easy Crafts: plasticine animals magnets

Telmo and Tula will feature an easy craft to do with children, plasticine magnets shaped like animals. Here we show you how to make yourself a magnet shaped like a butterfly. You can do anything you want as far as children imagination takes it.

magnet craft materials of Telmo and Tula cartoonsCraft materials

– Colored Plasticine
– Magnet
– Brush
– A roller
– Stamp
– Cola Blanca
– Bowl of latex

How to make this craft step by step!

flatten plasticine for magnet craft1. We took a piece of colored plasticine and pass the roller until it is flat, with a thickness of about 2 cm.

2. With a stylus draw on plasticine animal silhouette you want, in this case we will make the wings of a butterfly, but you can do any animal you want. Then, we cut through the drawn silhouette with a plastic knife and remove the plasticine left, and we have a beautiful wings!

Draw and cut out the shape of the magnet on the plasticine

colorful plasticine craft

3. Take plasticine of different colors, with one color we will throttle the butterfly’s body. We will make small balls of other colors, press them well to make them thinners, and with them, we decorate the body of our animal, eyes will also be nice and fun to add.

put latex make hard plasticine crafts

4. Once we have finished our craft we will need help from an adult to give a bit of latex painting. We will use a brush and paint on both sides, and after let it dry. This will help to solidify the animal and prevents it from breaking or deforming.

figure craft stick on plasticine magnet

5. When it is totally dry, we will turn it to stick the magnet with white glue. The magnet is ready! Now we just have to look for anything metal where we can stick magnets, an example might be the fridge, for hanging the pictures and crafts kids do!

Telmo and Tula hope you have a wonderful time making some pretty magnets!
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