Paper Snowman craft, Activities for kids in Christmas

Crafts to make with kids in Christmas!
Have you tried to make figures with paper spirals? We are going to create a snowman for Christmas decoration … here we go!

Manualidad muñeco de nieve en papel para niños en navidad

There are Telmo and Tula with new ideas of easy craft to make with the kids to decorate the Christmas holidays, a paper snowman. We will use simple materials that you have in your home. You can use this same technique to make other different figures! Christmas activities for children, children’s handcrafts.

Materiales: papel, tijeras, pegamentos y elementos decorativos

Materials needed for the craft

– White Sheets and differents colors: black, orange, green, red…
– Scissors and glue
– Items to decorate the snowman: eyes, buttons … and what comes to mind
– Thread or thin rope

How to make the snowman craft step by step!

– Take the sheets and cut them into strips of a finger width. You can ask help from an adult to cut them using a cutter to make it faster

Paso 1 Muñeco de nieve para niños manualidad

– Paste 2 strips of the same color at both ends

– Put the end of the strip on a pen and roll to form a spiral. We subjected the spiral with your fingers to gently pull the pen without undo it, and stick the end onto itself

Paso 2 Muñeco de nieve para niños manualidad

– Make 3 white spirals, 2 for the snowman body andone for the head, it will be more beatiful if the spirals have different sizes. Glue the spirals together.

– And we continue making spirals! A black one for the hat, press around the edges to make it square, an orange spiral for the nose triangle-shaped. And 4 more triangle-shaped, two red and two green, for the scarf. Glue them to form the snowman and decorate

Paso 3 Muñeco de nieve para niños manualidad

– You can put two eyes and 3 buttons on the body, add everything you want to decorate it and have a nice craft

– And you just only need to stick a piece of thread or thin rope on the snowman top, so you can hang it wherever you want!

Voilà, The snowman is ready! Decorating the house for Christmas!

And if you want to do more activities with the kids look what we have prepared for Christmas Special

You can see the video of the Craft, you surely laugh a lot with Telmo and Tula jokes !

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