Cut and play to dress to Adult – Telmo and Tula

Telmo and Tula cartoons always call to Adult to help them making the most difficult activities when they make their crafts or recipes for children. Now you can play with them too!

Play with the children to cut figures and disguise Adult as you want, you can change his clothes and accessories!

Download the file, print and play with Telmo and Tula dolls cutout drawings.

free download Telmo and Tula cutout drawingsDownload the cutout and accessories of Adult

Telmo and Tula dresses cutout craft for childrenDownload the Adult cutouts dresses

Learning to cut with scissors is very good for children because it allows them to develop manual skills. Children begin to learn between 3 and 4 years. Doing cutouts with scissors are a big step for them as it requires a lot of concentration to coordinate the brain, vision, balance and hands.

Telmo and Tula videos

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More about Telmo and Tula

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