A bouquet of clay, crafts for kids

A bouquet of flowers is a good gift for many occasions, can be a cool gift for Valentine’s Day, for Mother’s Day, when you have a sick friend or at any time as little present!

Telmo and Tula teach you to make a nice craft: a bouquet of clay. It’s an easy craft that kids can make for a handmade gift, it has the advantage that the flowers never get ugly! Let’s get to work!

Materials for craft

– Colored Plasticine
– Rolling pin
– Latex or varnish
– Brush
– Plastic Knife

How to make the manual work step by step!

1. Take a piece of green clay and shape it thin and elongated to make the flower stem.

2. Flatten with a rolling pin two pieces of dough of different colors and give them rectangular. Choose two colors that combine well to make the flower, for example pink and white!

3. Put one of the pieces of dough on top of the other, and roll it making a flower bud.

4. Put the stem into the flower by the narrowest. Flatten a piece of green clay and cut a triangle with the knife.

Wrap the base of the flower with the triangle and press it well to attach the stem and the top of the flower.

5. Mold two leaves with green clay and attach to the stem. We have made the flower!

We can make as many flowers as you want using different colors or trying to make different flowers, like daisies.

6. Varnishing the flowers with latex or varnish, it will make the plasticine stays harder and much more difficult to spoil

We have the flowers, it was a very easy craft and they are very nice! Now we can join all the flowers and put them in a small vase or we can wrap them with paper or a tie to make a bouquet. We are ready to give away!

We hope you all have had a good time with crafts!

Bouquet flowers craft video

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