Decorating traditional Easter eggs is an activity we can do in the Easter vacation with children

Here you have ideas to decorate Easter eggs which we like very much. Easy easter crafts with the kids

Creative easter eggs decoration ideas

Decorate easter eggs as characters

painting easter eggs charactersNice and simple character ideas for Easter eggs
huevos-pascua-personajes-cuentos-actividades-ninosUsing eggs supports you can make creative costumes for the characters

Other simple and fun ideas of characters for eggs

Easter eggs with Smiles
huevos-pascua-pintar-buceadores-actividades-ninosFunny Eggs divers dressed with straws and caps



Painting Colorful Easter eggs

Here you have many ideas with different colorful patterns that you can use to decorate Easter eggs: striped, dotted with stars … anything you can imagine!


Painting Easter eggs with markers

White eggs are very easy to decorate with a marker. If the eggs are not white we can give them a layer of paint before

Decorate Easter eggs with thread


Choose thread color and decorate easter eggs. This idea is a bit more complicated, we can use white glue to help us


Other ideas to decorate eggs this Easter


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