Green light cartoon videos, traffic safety for kids


Green Light cartoons help children learn in a fun way about traffic safety regulation, so they can walk safer on the street, leave a car, a school bus… Discover relevant examples about traffic safety and minimize the risks.

In each episode of Green Light cartoons, children will learn a traffic safety regulation topic to prevent accidents. Funny and educational cartoons videos for children to learn traffic safety when they are pedestrians or in a vehicle.

Green Light Traffic Safety an educational cartoons show series to teach children road safety

child road safety video, safety belt for children
The Seat Belt
child road safety video, Pedestrian traffic lights
Pedestrian traffic lights
child road safety video, Traffic Police
Traffic Police
child road safety video, Getting off a bus
Getting off a bus
child road safety video, Walking along the road without playing
Walking along the road safety
child road safety video, Getting out of the car
Getting out of the car
traffic-signs-video-learning-safetyTraffic signs

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