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Thanks for your interest in your child’s experience on MotionKIDS-TV.com . We know the Internet can sometimes be a big, scary place, but when your child is on MotionKIDS-TV.com, you don’t have to worry. We’ve set up this page to tell you about the ways we create a fun and safe online environment for your family.

The safety and welfare of children are pillars of MotionKIDS-TV.com, therefore, we take every precaution to make your experience on our site is safe. Guidance and supervision of parents will make surfing the Internet, and particularly in MotionKIDS-TV.com, is an enriching activity.

Our primary mission is to provide an environment at MotionKIDS-TV.com, entertaining,  interesting and above all safe for cartoon fans of all ages. The registration in our Website -MotionKIDS-TV.com – is free and open to everyone.

To maintain the commitment of protecting the privacy of all visitors to MotionKIDS-TV.com, this page is designed to allow children to participate without revealing to other members of MotionKIDS-TV.com any personal information about their identity such as name, address and email.

By registering at MotionKIDS-TV.com, new members must provide a valid email address in order to send a personal password for access and regular information on developments in MotionKIDS-TV.com.

Of course, users may cancel an account at MotionKIDS-TV.com at any time, and immediately we will delete your email addresses from our records and discontinue any contact with them in the future.

For more information on MotionKIDS-TV.com Privacy Policy, including information on how to contact us and how parents can review and/or inactivate their children as members, visit the “Privacy Policy” at the bottom of this page.

MotionKIDS-TV.com is a community, and as in every community, we need rules and guidelines. Before becoming a member, users must agree to comply with these rules.

First, users need to know that this Website –MotionKIDS-TV.com – is property of Motion Pictures Distribution, S.L., and some sections of it are operated by Adnstream, S.L. To ensure that MotionKIDS-TV.com remains entertaining and equitable for all, we reserve the right to change the rules, changing the way the community works and change the characteristics of a user account or inventory of Avatars. We also reserve the right to close any account for any reason.

Users must also accept that their participation on MotionKIDS-TV.com is subject to the Terms and Conditions of Use for MotionKIDS-TV.com and their respective sites. This includes, among other things, knowing that the use of MotionKIDS-TV.com is the responsibility of the user and both Motion Pictures Distribution, SL and Adnstream, S.L., shall not be liable to any claim based on the use of the site: –www.motionKIDS-TV.com -.

We invite you to get entertained with your family on MotionKIDS-TV.com. You will see that is a safe and funny experience and a creative way to interact with others on the Internet while enjoying the wild and funny adventures of our friends the Glumpers. Even you could decide to become our member too!

If you have questions not answered here or need to contact us for any reason, please send us an email to support@motionpic.com.

We also invite you to review the document “10 tips for safe surfing” with your child.

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