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Alex is a boy who loves to explore and discover the world around them. Educational children’s cartoon that help kids and toddlers to meet the animals of the forest and the sea, plants and vegetables growing in the garden, and music and the instruments.

Download Alex coloring pictures, children can color and paint as they like. Drawings of animals, musical instruments and Alex is making trips to learn more. Coloring drawings is a good activity for kids to help them with the manual skills and improve the control over their hands.

Download and print coloring pages and entertain with kids. We love if you share photos of your pictures in the community with other parents and children!

Click on the pictures to download!

Alex dibujos infantiles educativos pintar iluminar - Alex child cartoon to coloring

Alex pointing a world to discover.

primer plano del personajes de dibujos alex para colorear - forefront Alex character cartoon to coloring

Coloring Alex.

Dibujos pintar alex en la playa - coloring picture Alex in the beach

Alex in the beach picture.

iluminar dibujo de Alex en el fondo del mar- coloring pictures alex in the bottom sea

Painting Alex in his submarine.

Alex playing guitar coloring - colorear instrumentos musica guitarra

Coloring Alex playing guitar.

tocar tormpeta colorear instrumentos musicales - playing trumpet, coloring music

Alex and the music, color a trumpet.


Alex in the orchand with the oranges, pictures to color

Pintar el dibujo de Alex en el globo viendo animales

Coloring page Alex travelling in an air ballon

dibujos leones animales colorear - coloring lions animals

Animal pictures to color, the lions

Animales para colorear fichas - painting animals gorillas

Gorillas coloring pages

Alex videos

List of all Alex episodes

More info PPV chanels
Activities for kids Pictures images of cartoon characters

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