Valentine Cards, Give love with Glumpers!

February 14th is celebrated San Valentine Day, the day of love! Big gifts are not needed, just a little present, something to say that person is special to you.

We offer you an idea for small gift, original and beautiful cards for Valentine’s Day, it’s a simple gift where you can play with the message. Also you should write something on the inside to personalize the card!

Different models of Valentine’s day cards to download

There are different cards draws, for him and her, Download free one you like!

Instructions to do yourself the Valentine’s cards:

1- Choose the card that you like, download and print each of the parts of the card in a different sheet.

2- Cut out each parts of the card by the outside line.

3- Paste the two sheets with glue by the face blank.

4- Bend the card by the half, leaving ‘Happy’ in the front part

5- Cut along the dotted lines to separate the front part

It’s ready! Now you should write a nice message for Valentine’s Day so your love could read it when opens it.

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  1. 11th Mar 2013

    Ohhh.. bonitas!! ya se que mandar el próximo San Valentin!


    • 15th Oct 2013

      Muchas gracias! Nos alegra mucho que te gusten nuestras tarjetas para San Valentín!


  2. 19th Aug 2013

    Las tarjetas quedan muy chulas y originales..


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