3D Fubble, papercraf doll to download and assemble

Muñeco de papel en 3 dimensiones, papercraft 3d
A friendly Fubble paper puppet, the laziest and greediest Glumper, to assemble it and put a message
Papercrafts are trendy, and we wanted have one too! And here there is, as always it’s easy to do with kids

Craft instructions

Download for free and print


 Cut out the pieces
Fold the paper by the dotted lines, fold also the tabs there are to fix it
Assemble it as is directed by the instructions, remember paste with glue dark brown areas

And it’s ready! You have your own Fubble to put in the study table or wherever to make it cheerful!
Ahhh, and do not forget to write a message to personalize it.

If you want more easy crafts see in the website!

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