Play & paint by connecting dots from 1 to 10

dibujo de animales para unir los puntos

The Zumbers have prepared these funny drawings for children, so they can play to connect the dots while memorizing the numbers order and learning to count
The Zumbers are a funny preschooler cartoons TV series that teach children to count and to learn the numbers
Open the images, print them and connect the numbered points in the correct order and discover the final drawing, then you can paint it.

Drawings to connect dots with numbers from 1 to 10

play to connect the numbers and print the little donkey drawing

Drawing of a little donkey, create the trees by connecting the points.

play to connect the numbers and print the queen bee drawing

A nice queen bee, draw her wings so it can flies

play to connect the numbers and print the car drawing

This man wants to go back to his home, connect the dots and draw his car

play to connect the numbers and print the plane drawing

The aviator wants you to play to connect the dots and paint a nice plane for him.

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