Episode: 20 – Vanilla icecream, children recipes
Series / season: Telmo and Tula – Little cooks
Target:Cartoon kids +5, educational videos
Synopsis: What better to do like something fresh and rich for summer with the children, a delicious homemade vanilla ice cream! While Adult warms milk with vanilla, Telmo and Tula will have fun mixing the sugar and eggs.

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1st season of Telmo and Tula cartoon series: Little Cooks.We will learn how to make simple and delicious recipes with the kids! Besides is a funny way to children them become more familiar with the kitchen and food.
An educational cartoons series that help children skills develop for the creativity and encouraging them through the preparation of easy cooking receipts and funny arts & crafts.

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Telmo and Tula are two friendly brothers who teach children to make crafts or cooking simple recipes for children. They are always accompanied by their pet Paquito, a funny mouse, and Adult, who will help them with the most difficult parts of the activities if needed.

An educational cartoons series that help children skills develop for the creativity and encouraging them through the preparation of easy cooking receipts and funny arts & crafts.

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