Lmn’s, Elements – Cartoons adventures TV show

LMN'S adventures animated TV show for kids, cartoons

LMN’S – 52 episodes of 13 min
From 5 to 10 years old

Cartoon videos for kids, exciting adventure in each episode.

After a failed experiment, Dr. No, an evil scientist and a smart 9 year old boy called Chip, are sent to Microworld, the atomic world .

Soon, Dr. No will try to carry out his evil plan of overtaking the world from the Microworld using a fantastic machine called The Black Tower, is also the only way Chip has to get back home, to the real world. Chip will count with the help of his friends Merc (mercury atom), Fer (iron) and Hidro (hydrogen) to make Dr. No’s plans fall and manage to go back home.

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