Telmo and Tula, little cooks and arts & crafts

Telmo and Tula cartoons for kids

Telmo and Tula – 104 episodes of 7 min each – Educational cartoons
From 5 to 9 years old

Telmo and Tula is an animated TV Show, featured by two little nice brothers who teach children to do crafts or cooking simple recipes for kids. Telmo and Tula will always be accompanied by Paquito, a graceful pet mouse, and Adult, who will oversee kids on the hardest moments in the kitchen or with crafts.

Is an educational and entertaining animated TV show to do activities and develop children skills and creativity. It is a TV series co-produced with Disney Spain that helps kisd develop their skills in crafts and cooking, always encouraging through fun.

 Cartoon videos Telmo and
Tula Little cooks

 Cartoon videos Telmo and
Tula Hand Crafts

Activities and Downloads of Telmo and Tula

pintar colorear dibujos de Telmo y tula
Painting draws
Easy recipes
muñecos de plastilina con iman, manualidades faciles
Arts & crafts

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