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LMNs Adventures in the microworld


73 minutos


Movies for kids, adventures, educational, chemistry elements


After a failed experiment, Dr. NO, an evil scientist obsessed by overtaking the world and a smart 9 year old boy called CHIP, are sent to the atomic world (MICROWORLD) by a particle accelerator ray.

Soon, Dr. NO will try to carry out his evil plan of overtaking the world from the Microworld. He will set up an antimatter army transmuting atoms into antiatoms using a fantastic machine called THE BLACK TOWER.

This machine, however, is also the only way CHIP has to get back home, to the real world. But, in order to make it work, it needs a lens that has fallen into CHIP’s hands. In order to get it back, Dr. NO’s antimatter commando will chase our hero all over the Microworld.

CHIP will count with the help of his friends MERC (mercury atom), FER (iron) and HIDRO (hydrogen) to make Dr. NO’s plans fall and manage to go back home.

This constant pursuit will make us live an exciting adventure in each episode sharing the shrewdness, intelligence and friendship of the characters. Live with CHIP and his friends thousands of exciting adventures through THE MICROWORLD!

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