Activities with Zumbers Cartoon characters


Reinforcement activities to learn and play with numbers. Connecting dots is a simple way to make children remember the order of the numbers, having fun and drawing the hidden figures

Download connect the dots files to print

download printables to paint and join the dots 1 to 10

Connect the dots.
from 1 to 10

connect the dots painting a rabbit

Printable connect the dots, with animals drawings


Educational coloring pages to learn numbers in English and Spanish


The Zumbers teach numbers to toddlers playing with their videos and activities. Learning to count from 1 to 20.
Besides their videos are not only in English, you can fin them in other languages ​Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German … What language do you want your children learns?

Zumbers videos

 zumbers-learn-numbers-cartoons-free-videos zumbers-learn-numbers-cartoons-ppv-youtube
Activities for kids

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