Kids activities with Telmo and Tula characters

 Telmo and Tula


Here there are some funny and entertained kids activities by the little brothers Telmo and Tula: drawings to coloring, arts / crafts, easy and tasty receipts… Enjoy with children and the funny brother

Activities and games

pint and color telmo and tula drawings

Telmo and Tula drawings to coloring

Play to cut out and dress to Adult of Telmo and Tula

Cut Out to play dressing Adult

Easy Arts & Crafts

plasticine puppets with magnet, easy crafts

Plasticine animals magnets to decorate

kids craft of flowers clay

A Plasticine bouquet of clay

watch how to make a Japanese notebook craft

A Japanese notebook

Easy receipts to cook with kids

Chocolate chips cookies easy and tasty receipt

Chocolate chips cookies

Muffins recipe, cooking with Telmo and Tula

Muffins recipe

Telmo and Tula videos

telmo-tula-free-videos telmo-tula-premium-ppv-videosInfo about PPV channels

More about Telmo and Tula

activities-with-cartoon-characters-for-children Pictures images of cartoon characters

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