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 The Glumpers

Humor and funny cartoons of 6 friends

Fubble's Slaves, Glumpers animation cartoons, funny videos
The Slaves
Comedy cartoons, Staris episode, funny kids cartoons
The Stairs
Funny Glumpers cartoon video, The Videogame
The Videogame
funy kids cartoons, the Glumpers, a day in the beach
A Day at the Beach
Funny Glumpers video: Baywatch
The meteorite Glumpers episode, funny cartoons for kids
The Meteorite
Glumpers night invasion episode, funny cartoons for kids
Night of Horror
Funny Christmas Glumpers episode, Gobo Claus
Gobo Claus
Crazy abut soccer, football, sports and crazy fun Glumpers episode
Crazy abut Football
Sports and fun with Glumpers, Skate episode
Humor Glumpers video, Love is Blind… and Shortsighted
Love is Blind and Shortsighted
Glumpers video, Books will get you far
Books will get you far
funny cartoons, Glumpers episode Teletransport remix
Teletransport Remix, Glumpers
 Glumpers cartoons episode, The Tattoo
The Tattoo
funny Glumpers episode of OVNI's and UFO's, comedy cartoons

Pilot episodes of hte series

pilot Glumpers  comedy episode, Bulking Up!
Bulking Up!
Glumpers pilot episode, cake video
The Great Escake

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The Glumpers is a fun animated comedy. Six friends who live together and humorous situations could always happen. They have very different and opposite personalities and their stories always ends being a mess. Funny kids cartoons and videos to not stop laughing with all the family!

Follow Fubble, Gobo, Webster, Booker, Dudd & Quigley on their funny situations. You can also find them at Facebook and also Twitter

Videos Glumpers series

Glumpers funny videos for kids, watch free videos All episode Glumpers cartoons, complete serie hd - ppv channel

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