Easter with kids, activities and funny ideas


Hi friends! Easter comes as every year between March and April. Easter is an important Christian festival and holiday.
Everything you need for a great Easter celebration with your kids. This season children often have vacation and need entertaining activities, here you have some ideas!

Loads of ideas to keep you and children entertained over the Easter: easter coloring pages and worksheets, easter crafts and easter eggs decoration… and also our funny cartoon series. Easter fun for kids

Recomendated toons in Easter

Telmo and Tula cartoon series videos

Telmo and Tula cartoons show us a lot of creative ideas to do with kids: easy recipes and fun crafts

Comedy for kids, Glumpers toons videos

Glumpers friends and their crazy adventures! A funny cartoon series that will make us laugh any day of Easter at home

Ideas for decorate easter eggs with children

animals, easter eggs decorating ideas

Decrate easter eggs like nice animals

toons characters, easter eggs decorating ideas

Fun easter eggs decoration with famous characters of series and videogames as Minions, Angry birds, Mario Bros…

easter eggs decorating ideas with kids

Original and creative ways to decorate Easter eggs

Easter coloring pages and worksheets

coloing pages easter for kids activities

Download these nice Easter coloring pages. Coloring Easter eggs and other traditional symbols of Easter holidays


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