Traffic signs coloring pages

Educational resources > Traffic safety >  Traffic Signs Coloring pages with the most important traffiic signs. Coloring with kids to help childrens learning traffic signs and road safety. Educational resources for safety road education. Traffic safety videos Info about PPV channels   More traffic safety education  


3D Fubble, papercraf doll to download and assemble

A friendly Fubble paper puppet, the laziest and greediest Glumper, to assemble it and put a message Papercrafts are trendy, and we wanted have one too! And here there is, as always it’s easy to do with kids Craft instructions – Download for free and print – Cut out the pieces – Fold the paper by the dotted lines, fold also the tabs→  Read Post

receta de galletas con chocolate para cocinar con ninos

Chocolate chips cookies receipt

Let’s cook with the kids delicious chocolate cookies for breakfast, snack or dessert. Chocolate cookies are very tasty and more when they are homemade… Telmo and Tula will tell us the recipe! Cookie recipe Ingredients: 200 gr. of sugar 200 gr. of brown sugar 200 gr. of butter 2 eggs 350 gr. of flour 1/2 half teaspoon of bicarbonate 200 gr. of chocolate chips→  Read Post

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