Make bookmarks for your books

Reading is fun and very important because the books are plenty of stories and knowledge and spark the imagination of children. But it is important not to get lost in the books, so what better than a fun bookmark with nice pictures! Easy Craft to create originals bookmarks with the Glumpers As you see, it’s very simple craft, Folow the→  Read Post

Calendario 2013 de los Glumpers

Download Glumpers 2013 calendar

Download Glumpers 2013 calendar, a nice and easy craft! It’s 2013 and we must to be prepared with a fun calendar! It’s small and You can have it on the desk, in every month there is a phrase and a funny picture of Glumpers. All you need to make the calendar are the scissors and a transparent case of a→  Read Post

colorear dibujos pintar lmns

Drawings to paint and coloring of LMN’S series

Activities for kids an downloads for free >  Cartoon coloring pages>  Coloring LMN’S Drawings LMN’S is a cartoon TV series of adventures that teaches chemicals to children in a funny way. Here you will find coloring pages to fill up with color to his protagonist, a boy named Chip, and his inseparable friends Mercury and Hydrogen. Download, print and paint→  Read Post

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