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jugar a recortar y vestir disfrazar a adulto de Telmo y Tula

Cut-outs and material to download, entertainment for children


Materials to download about cartoon animation series and cut-outs to play with children.
Printables and easy activities to download for children enterteinment.

jugar a recortar y vestir disfrazar a adulto de Telmo y Tula

Puppet and clothes cutouts Cut-out puppets for children. Download, print, cut and play dressing up Adult with all the clothes and accessories


Fubble 3D paper craft puppet Download the cut-out and make a funny 3D Fubble puppet cutting and pasting. When you finish persolaize it, put the mesasge you want on the sign!


Accessories for kids costumes Download the funny accessories for costumes for children: glasses, mustaches, crowns … Cut them out, paste them on a stick and ready to go to the party!


Nice bookmarks for children books Make reading more fun and never be lost on the books. Download the bookmarks, print and cut out with the kids

More material to download about cartoon characters

download descargar fondos de pantalla dibujos glumpers

Computer wallpapers

download descargar fondos pantalla movil

Mobile wallpapers

colorear dibujos pintar lmns

Coloring pages

manualidades artesanias para niños de una libreta japonesa

A Japanese notebook craft, arts and crafts for kids

Activities for kids, Easy crafts for children

[:es]Bonitas libretas para apuntaros todas las cosas importantes: teléfonos de los amigos, dedicatorias y frases divertidas… ¡Que no se os olvide nada!
Ya están aquí Telmo y Tula con nuevas ideas de manualidades para hacer vosotros mismos con materiales fáciles de encontrar. Hoy estos dos divertidos hermanos nos van a enseñar a hacer la manualidad de una libreta japonesa.
[:en]Telmo and Tula with new craft ideas to make yourself. Today these two funny brothers are going to teach the craft of a Japanese notebook, you can write down all the important things or it can be a present, may be a good gift for an invisible friend, for mother’s day or father’s day.

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Cut and play to dress to Adult – Telmo and Tula

Activities for kids, Downloads, Easy crafts for children

[:es]Descargables e imprimibles gratis de la serie de dibujos animados Telmo y tula, videos de dibujos para niños con recetas y manualidades faciles. Juega con las muñecas, sus vestidos y complementos[:en]Free downloadable and printable drawings of the cartoon tv series Telmo and Tula, videos for children with easy recipes and crafts. Play with the dolls, their dress and accessories

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