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In this first episode the action begins with the creation of the Universe, the Planets and the Earth. It is centred on the moment in which water, in the form of vapour, first appeared on the earth. We shall see the origins and evolution of life, the dinosaurs, their extinction, the ice ages and the origins of man.

Raindrop is a funny and educational cartoon TV series, which follows the adventures of a drop of water and his friends and other weather elements. Explains the water cycle for children and the importance of taking care of nature, the environment and water for earth survival.

Raindrop videos, environmental water care cartoons

Watch episode 1 Raindrop environmental cartoons
Episode 01
Raindrop’s Birthday
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Episode 02
The Cloud Castle

Episode 03
Welcome Mr. Hydrogen
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Episode 04
Raindrop the Builder
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Episode 05
Lord Snow

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Join Raindrop and his friends on an exciting adventure to help people learn about natural disasters that involve water, originating in nature or by human intervention or the evil character Germon.

Raindrop videos

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