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Episode 05 of LMN’s adventures in the microworld series. The Periodic Table-Following the map, Chip and his friends find themselves in the maze that leads to the Temple of the Periodic Table. Thanks to the book of physics and chemistry that Chip has in his pocket, the boy can play several indications to follow the right path in the maze and get out of it. The antimatters patrol that chases them is not so lucky.

Cartoons adventure’s on the microworld, an adventure in each episode that will help children to get familiar with the chemicals and atoms, as they face the terrible Dr. No in their plans to dominate the world.

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adventures in the microworld with chemicals.

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Cartoons animated adventures, travel with your kids and Chip to live adventures into the microworld with chemicals!
Dr. NO is a scientist obsessed to take over the world, and by a failure in one of his inventions he and CHIP are sent to the atomic world (Microworld). From there, doctor NO keeps trying to seize power with his army of anti-atoms, and persecute our friend CHIP and his friends MERC (mercury atom), FER (iron) and Hydro (hydrogen), trying to fail Dr. NO plans and look for ways to get Chip back to home.

A fun and exciting adventure in every episode of this cartoon series, sharing cunning, intelligence and friendship of the characters.Thousands of exciting adventures in the Microworld!

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