Cartoon videos for +5 years

Here are our cartoon series for children from 5 years old and more. Funny adventure cartoons, humor, educative… to learn and enjoy with children!

Cartoon videos for +5 years

Glumpers funny comedy cartoon series


Comedy cartoon series of 6 friends who live together and each day a crazy adventure may happens.

Fubble Slaves, Glumpers episode, comedy cartoons videos
The Slaves
Funny cartoons, The Stairs episode, Glumpers humor ans comedy
The Stairs
Funny Glumpers episode of games, The Videogame
The Videogame
more Glumpers cartoon videos

Telmo and Tula cartoons to learn crafts and easy cooking receipts for kidsTelmo and Tula

The funny brothers will teach how to make easy recipes for cooking with children and arts crafts. Educative cartoons.

Watch cartoon episode to make a brownie
Watch the crafts cartoon episode of plush wool stuffed animals
Wool Plush
Watch cartoon video of a vanilla ice cream recipe
Vanilla ice cream
more Telmo and tula cartoon videos

Raindrop, environmental cartoons about the life of a drop water Raindrop

Educative cartoons about the adventures of a drop of water, Raindrop, who teaches children the value of water and nature.

Watch episode 1 Raindrop environmental cartoons
Episode 01
Watch episode 2 Raindrop kids cartoons
Episode 02
The Cloud

Episode 03
Mr. Hydrogen
more Raindrop cartoon videos

LMN’S cartoons videos, adventures in the microworldLMN’S

Adventures into the chemical Microworld cartoons.

Watch episode 1 of LMN'S adventures videos for kids
Episode 01
Watch episode 2 of LMN'S adventures videos for kids
Episode 02
The Electric Current

Episode 03
more elements lmns cartoon videos

cartoon to learn child basic traffic safety rules, educational videosGreen Light

Basic traffic safety rules cartoons for kids.

Watch episode 1 of Green Light, seat belt for kids
Episode 01
The Seat Belt
Watch episode 2 of Green Light, Pedestrian Traffic Lights
Episode 02
Pedestrian Traffic Lights

Episode 03
Traffic Police
more greenlight cartoon videos

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