Funny and educational cartoon videos for toddlers kids

Here there are! Our cartoon series for young children up to 5 years, where they can have fun while learning with help of the cartoons to discover the world.

 Preschool educational cartoons

Boom and Reds cartoons for kidsBoom and reds

Play with the kids to guess what the cute little mushrooms are drawing. Cartoon children to encourage imagination.

Boom Reds Wood House episode
Wood House
Watch cartoon videos of Boom Reds of a Snowman
Watch cartoon videos of Boom Reds of a Star
more Boom and reds cartoon videos

Educative cartoon videos for preschoolers of Alex discovering the WorldAlex

Discover the world with Alex: the animals of the forest and the sea, vegetables and plants and musical instruments.

Cartoon video of a musical instrument, the guitar
The Guitar
kids cartoon video of Alex discovering a lion on the forest
The Lion
kids cartoon video of Alex discovering the fruits and vegetables, the melon
The Melon
more Alex cartoon videos


Zumbers, educative cartoons to learn the numbers into SpanishZumbers

Learn the numbers with funny and entertained cartoons for toddlers

Learn the numbers into Spanish with cocodrula drawing of a dolphin
Cocodrula – Dolphin
Learn the numbers into Spanish with seasmus drawings of a house
Seamus – House
Learn the numbers into Spanish with fantimus drawings of a panda
Fantimus – Panda
more Zumbers cartoon videos


Preschool cartoons, watch all Van Dogh videosVan Dogh

Play to paint and solve the puzzle with the dog painter

paint the briefcase, Van Dogh animated cartoons
The Briefcase
Frog drawing cartoons, children game
Juana the Frog
cu-cu bird puzzle, cartoons for kids
Cu-cu Bird
more Van dogh cartoon videos

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