How to rent films and movies in youtube, what I need?

Currently the movie rental service on YouTube is not available in all countries, They will gradually implementing it , but if you can not watch the beginning of the movie video it’s probably that the service are not able for the rent in your country.
What is needed to start renting movies on Youtube ?

– To Have a Youtube account . If you don’t have it, you can create one here .
– To Have a Google Wallet account . If you have not, here Google explains how you can easily create

How to rent children’s movies ?

– Login to Youtube
– Visit the video you’d like to purchase and click the button displaying the purchase price.
– For some videos, the rental and HD options will be listed. (Note that HD might only be available for certain devices.) For movie rentals, your movie will be available for the duration of the rental period after you start watching it for the first time. Purchases will be available to watch as many times as you like and don’t expire.
– If you have a coupon to redeem, click I have a coupon to show the coupon code field. Enter your code and click Apply, then click Continue.
– Select the payment method you wish to use from Google Wallet, or add a new payment method, then click Complete to finish the transaction.
– Once your payment has gone through, you’ll receive a purchase confirmation.
– You can find all the videos you’ve purchased by visiting youtube.com/purchases while signed into your account.

Refund Policy

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When a refund is granted, we’ll revoke access to the paid content and your money will be returned.

You may cancel a subscription payment at any time. If you cancel an annual subscription, you may request a refund for any unused portion of the payment period.

Learn more about how to request a refund.

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