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Traffic signs are very important for traffic safety road. Children don’t have to know everyone, in any case is desirable teach them the most important traffic signs.

This is a video to learn the most important traffic signs for children

Learning traffic signs


Traffic light

Traffic light is one of the most important traffic signs. It control the flows of traffic

Vehicles traffic light:

– Red light prohibits any traffic from proceeding

– Yellow light provides warning that the signal will be changing from green to red, a flashing yellow indication is a warning signal.

– Green light allows traffic to continue in this way

Pedestrian traffic light:

– Red man: do not cross

– Green man: safe to cross the intersection

Flashing red/green man means that signal will be changing from green to red. Continue to cross if already in the intersection, but do not start to cross


Road markings

They are Lines and lane markings on the road

Pedestrian crossing or crosswalk is a place designated for pedestrians to cross a road. Although there is a crosswalk is important to be aware and ensure that vehicles have stopped before crossing.

Vertical signs


Pedestrian crossign sign

STOP sign: It means come to a complete halt and applies to each vehicle that comes to the sign.

Forbidden signs

Prohibition signs are round, with a red border and white background. In most have a picture in the center in black with which is prohibited.


No entry sign


Pedestrian forbidden


Bicycles forbidden


Warning signs

The warning traffic signs are triangular, with a red border and white background. Generally a drawing in black indicates the danger


Caution slippery road


Warning construction


Warning school and kids

Information signs

Give useful information to drivers, they often have blue background

Señal de parking, señales de trafico

Parking sign

Señal calle sin salida, señales trafico niños

No through road 

Traffic safety videos

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Info about PPV channels

More traffic safety education


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