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Reds are drawing a new puzzle to play guessing. Help Boom to solve the riddle. Visual games for toddlers.
In this episode the figure is a funny animal that lives underwater, Do you know what is it?

kids cartoons of a snake drawing
Watch Boom and Reds kids cartoons of a snowman
Watch Star cartoon kids video of Boom and Reds
kids cartoons Boom and Reds Turtle
online kids cartoons of Boom and Reds of a Wood House drawings
Wood House
online kids cartoons of Boom and Reds of a Dog drawings
boom-reds-video-dibujos-animados-caricaturas-adivinanza-barco-papelShip boom-reds-video-dibujos-animados-caricaturas-adivinanza-gatoCat
boom-reds-video-dibujos-animados-caricaturas-adivinanza-pez-buena Fish

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Boom and Reds is a toddlers cartoon series for TV. Young children, kids and babies can play with characters to guess the figures they are drawing. Educational cartoons to encourage the imagination of the younger members of the house.

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