Feed Fubble game, for mobiles and tablets

 Juego Feed Fubble

Download the new APP for children, Play with the Glumpers:  Feed Fubble!

Glumpers Feed Fubble APP game for ios, download in the app store AppGlumpers for android download in google play

Fubble the greedy Glumpers, is hungry as usual, Play feeding him! But beware, you can only give him healthy food or you will lose points for any junk food he swallows. Will you be able to be faster than his hunger?

Mobile game for Android and Applee devices. Feed Fubble, a Glumpers APP to play and make aware kids about the importance of a good nutrition.

The Glumpers have launched a new game for Android and Apple Smartphones and tablets. An APP to play and educate children on the importance of healthy food.

Tap the sides of the device’s screen and move to Fubble so he can reach the food. Each piece of healthy food he eats(carrot, apple, banana …) add positive points to earn more stars. If instead he eats junk food instead(chips, burgers, hot dogs …) He will gain wheightwill become more fat and lose points. You have to Keep him in a good weight until time runs out to earn stars!

The APP game counts with 4 different worlds with 10 different levels in each. Every level will become more complicated! Beat the levels and share it with your friends.

APP Screenshots to play with kids

Captura del juego apra moviles, app for kids, feed fubble Pantalla de inicio del juego de niños para movil y tablet iphone android ipad
captura juego para niños android iphone ipad Zaptura de las cajas con niveles de la app para niños
Feed Fubble game screenshot, juegos para niños,app movil Pantalla final con resultado del nivel

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  1. 14th Apr 2013

    Me encanta Fubble! Es el más divertido de los Glumpers siempre haciendo el vago!!


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