Ideas for other clay figures

Telmo and Tula teach us how to make easy crafts, to have ideas to do with kids, they show us to create plasticine animals with magnets. We can make any figure to create a nice magnet to decorate our fridge, hang it on the hose of your desktop, or put it on any metallic element for make it cheerful.

Here you have a list of images of funny playdough figures that we found on internet, so we offer you more ideas that you can do with children. All that you need is a little of imagination!

Remember don’t maket too heavy figures or they woudn’t be easy to fit well with the magnet!

Plasticine sea animalsAnimales del mar de plastilina

Crab and octopus plasticine
Source: conmishijos.com


A whale
Source: continenteeditores.com


Other plaudough animals

Palsticine sheep
Source: marianomartinportfolio.blogspot.com.es

plasticine ship animal, figura plastilina oveja

Blue elephant
Source: publicdomainpictures.net


Little playdough monsters:

Colorful monsters
Source: hoyquehay.net

Funny tongue monsters
Source: “Monstres de Plastilina”, amb la nostra monitora Lorena Martín.


  1. 3rd Apr 2013

    hola me sirbio mucho sus imagenes con plastilina muy hermoso mi hijo esta muy contento :)


    • 11th Apr 2013

      Muchas gracias Dayana, nos alegra mucho escuchar que tu hijo está contento con nuestras actividades de plastilina!! :) :)


  2. 9th Sep 2014

    Muy bonitos los trabajos los animalitos.
    Quiero trabajos para niños de 3 -5años,gracias


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